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Argema mittrei male Madagascar Moon Moth, Comet Moth or long tail luna moth


Frame Size 9 1/2" X 12"
This is a large male moon moth with a wingspan of over 4 3/4 wide and a total length of over 7 3/4 long.



  • Species:   Argema Mittrei male Madagascar Moon Moth  or Comet Moth

  • Native Origin:  Madagascar


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  • The Comet moth (Argema mittrei), a large silk moth, is found only in the wild in certain parts of Madagascar but is able to be easily breed in captivity. In Madagascar There are a few breeding areas and there are a few zoos that are successfully  breeding them as well. The Madagascan Moon Moth or Comet Moth is one of the world's biggest, the male has a wing span of twenty centimeters and a tail span of fifteen centimeters. As a Moth they only live for 4 or 5 days and they are only fertile the first day after eclosing from the cocoon. The cocoon has holes in it to allow water to drain from it in it's rainforest climate. As a caterpillar they feed on eucalyptus leaves and grow to a reasonable size before spinning their cocoon.  This particular type of moth only lives in Madagascar of the south coast of Africa. Due to the great success of captive breeding this beautiful moth is no longer an endangered species.