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True Archival Quality Insect Displays


We are the nations leading supplier of museum quality butterfly & insect displays
all handmade in U.S.A. We build the finest conservation quality archival museum insect
displays you can get!
Since we build our displays one at a time for you we can choose the materials that we use to build them with and not what the mass-produced importer chooses.

The Following Conservation Qualities are built into every one of our archival displays
All of our handmade museum displays are made with 99% UV blocking glass so the vibrant colors of your butterflies and insects will remain that way forever!
You will never have to worry about our insects fading over time!
1. True Vue Conservation Clear glass fronts: This is the single most important quality of any archival display especially for framed Butterflies and insects.
All of our displays are built with This exceptional conservation quality glass that actually blocks 99% of all UV rays preventing the fading of your valuable insects. You will not get this level of UV blocking in any mass-produced store bought imported frame. Most displays have little or no UV blocking attributes to them at all.
Archival Materials:
2. French Paper Company Papers: For over 15 years our backing cards have been printed on paper from this fantastic extremely eco-friendly company. They produce their own electric power with a self owned hydro-electric plant. This does not add any carbon to the atmosphere. This is in addition to making some the most widely used specialty papers that they guarantee to be acid free, lignin free, animal free and chlorine free.
3. Bienfang Acid Free Archival Mounting Boards: The backing and mounting boards we use are Bienfang acid free foam boards and Bienfang acid free mounting boards on all of our displays.
Wood Shadowbox:
4. Our Frame Molding: We make our own frame molding from natural pine wood that is harvested from forest conservation areas that are FSC, Forest Stewardship Council certified.
We never use dangerous chemical laden Particle Boards that are constantly releasing hazardous chemicals into the air or into your new insect display. Our finish is hand applied and is now zero VOC which means there are no hazardous environmental harming chemicals in the paint. We never use Lacquer or Enamel based finishes as they are very high in VOCíS.
5. DOUBLE SEALED! All of our displays are doubled sealed for a truly archival display that will last a lifetime guaranteed. If one of our displays ever fails to stand the test of time we will replace it for free!
6. Lastly, Whatís Inside the Display: We use only A1 quality insects for our displays that have been properly prepared and treated to last a lifetime. We guarantee that your new insect will be the finest quality possible and properly spread to display all of their amazing beauty. The only thing you need to do is keep them dry and out of direct sunlight to prevent heat damage.
We guarantee you will not find a better built true conservation quality archival museum insect display anywhere else!